Sunday, 16 June 2013

Remembering 1st Backpacking Experience

Yeap, it was my first time backpacking to our neighbouring country, Thailand. Well, not the whole Thailand, merely its capital city.

There were three of us – Shai, Fai and I. Whilst Fai have been there a few times, Shai and I were totally alien to Bangkok.

The best part is we did not book our accommodation in advance, so we spent the first four hours in the Bangkok, literally running from one budget hotel to another. Thank God, we found one, in Silom Street. So, moral of the story, book your hotel in advance!

I’m sure Bangkok has changed a lot since the first and last time I was there, which was way back in 2005. I think it’s timely to revisit this city, may be with my family this time. But, definitely not backpacking style and will make sure that I’ve book my room way in advance.

Thank you Shai and Fai for introducing me to the world of backpacking.
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