Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kahwin... kahwin... kahwin...

My uncle and my neighbour are getting married this weekend. And I just received an invitation email from my ex-schoolmate to his wedding next week. That's three weddings plus another invitation from an intern at my workplace.

This morning, when I tuned in to, the deejays talked in lengthy about causes of divorce after they discussed about marriage a day before. And according to a study highlighted in today's Utusan Malaysia, mothers in law is the main cause of divorces.

"Bila nak kahwin?" asked Moin in his email, responding to the invitation email from Bob.

"When I'm convinced that my marriage may last longer than 12 days!" [Jangan marah ya, Roslin Hashim.]

I know the school holiday is just around the corner, which is time perfect for weddings. But aren't there anything other than marriage that we could talk about? Huhhh...

Hehehe... maaf ya kawan-kawan, pakcik tengoh emo ni!

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Journey to be a better team member...

Dr. Salleh asked me, why was I there? My answered was, to paint another colourful episode of my life.

He asked me again, what's the objective of me participating in this event? And I jotted down, 'to be a better team member".

Corny? Hehehe... it's up to you to speculate or judge!

Here some pictures taken using my Sony Ericsson W800i for your viewing pleasure!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Satu Penantian Yang Bakal Berakhir...

...pada 3 Jun 2009.

Watch out for the new album from our very own, Ramlah Ram. It is titled Ketentuan.

For more details or to listen to clips of her latest music, kindly visit The Ramlah Ram Group.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Terima kasih daun keladi for your kind wishes!

As you may aware, today is the Teachers' Day, at least in Malaysia. Would like to thank this opportunity to thank all my teachers (including my most influential two teachers - Mak and my late grandfather, Cikgu Jaafar).

And today is the birthday of Pierce Brosnan, Janet Jackson and a dear friend of mine, Amir. Not Amir Imran who had celebrated his exactly one week ago, but Amiruddin Abdul Manaf.

And of course, today is my birthday. Alhamdulillah, still had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my parents, far away from home.

Dinner @Wawasan Square with Wan and his anak-anak buah

Oh, thank you very much to Wan for early birthday dinner.

And thank you guys for all your kind wishes, either via your so-thoughtful phone calls [Mira & Fendy], SMSes or messages on my Facebook's Wall.

My real [means not in advance :)]first birthday wishes came from my beloved sister, Lia.

Once again thank you very much and here are those SMSes that I received on my birthday. You may read others on Facebook.
Selamat hari jadi..semoga d pnjgkn umur n d murahkn rezeki..amin [Lia]
Happy birthday! May all you wishes come true [Ojot]
hepi bday! hehe.awlkn i blk frm ofis. jgn lupa buat parti buih! :) [Jun]
Dude hepi bday! Smoga drahmati Allah slalu.. [Fezal]
Salam. Happy birthday. Moga sentiasa diberkati & diredhai Allah [Zul MN]
Happy birthday! Moga dilindungi dan dirahmati Allah. Insyallah. Amin [Ija Salleh]
happy besday. I kat singapore. Sori xangkat phone. Neway 25th ni i transfer ke tawau. U take care ok [Amir]
Ualls Happy Birthday hope u will achieve what u want and more success for the next mission and vision [Din]
Epi besday Ron! :) [Jue]
Happy birthday! hope u had a good one. [Dini]

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hola Kinabalu!

Yeap, I'm in Kota Kinabalu again. This time around with my beloved parents. Safely arrived yesterday afternoon, and we're staying at Sutera Harbour Resort.

Our first destination was the Filipino Market.

But today, my parents just wanted to stay at the hotel, because tomorrow we will be taking a 12-hour tour package!

This morning, I pampered myself with a treat of Mandara Spa. Memang best tapi agak mahallah! Okeylah, sekali dalam seumur hidup kot! hehehe...

More updates later! Adios.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Another Weekend with Geng Sg Isap Trip

Once again, the Geng Sungai Isap Trip has decided to convene for its second meeting, again, at Graha Residen.

This time around, we came out with a plan to mandi manda @Ulu Yam.

Unfortunately, Azzril cannot make it due to dubious reasons. Hehehe, jangan marah ya Azzril. Nanti Rafin dan Dini jual kau!

Our first agenda was a nice dinner at a Kelantanese/Pattanese restaurant. Memandangkan waktu sudah melangkaui masa makan aku, aku cuma memesan sup campur. Manakala Rafin, Dini dan Ayap, makan besar pada malam yang agak suam itu.

Belajar daripada pengalaman lalu, kali ini kami rancang untuk bertolak seawal pukul 10 pagi. Like old saying, the more the merrier. On this note, we invited my housemate, Ajoy to join the fun. I also invited Fezal, and although it was a very last minute, Fezal has been so accommodative as always and agreed to participate this outing.

So, the six of us started our journey after a nice breakfast @Ulik Mayang Restaurant in Gombak. Well, the food was much better than the one we had @Restoran Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa on our way to Kuantan last month. We went in two cars, and our drivers were Rafin and Fezal. Thank you, guys for driving us safely to the destination.

Pada aku, tiada apa yang nak dibanggakan pasal Ulu Yam. Namun lokasi ini tetap popular dengan pengunjung. In fact, two companies organised their Family Day on that day. One is a branch of Bank Rakyat and another one is a Unit or Division or Department of a state LHDN. Thank God, my company had never had ours there!

Setelah puas berendam dan mandi manda kurang lebih 2 jam, kami pun bergerak pulang. Memandangkan perut masing-masing berkeroncong, kami berkeputusan untuk makan tengahari di Selayang. As always, we're a bit nervous (and slow too) in picking a place to eat, because everyone was a bit worried to pick a place which is not up to Rafin's standard!

Akhirnya, kami ke Tesco Ampang setelah berpusing-pusing mencari Tesco Extra Selayang. I did call Fay for direction, but unfortunately, his direction was a bit alien to me, who is a bad "co-pilot".

We dined @Warung Santai. The food was okay but my ABC was not up to my expectation. Oh yeah, the place was too small and crowded.

Our agenda was supposed to end that day. Nevertheless, due to unexpected announcement by Fendy, who on last minute decided to come down to KL, we extended our agenda for another day. Unfortunately, we're once again being stood up by Azzril who failed to turn @Graha Residen. So, the much anticipated karaoke session had to be postponed to the next gathering.

After lunch @Bugis Street Kopitiam on Sunday afternoon, we called it a day.

Thanks guys, for a lovely weekend. Sentap tak, Azzril? Hehehe, jangan marah ya... there's always next time!