Thursday, 13 June 2013

AirAsia X IPO

Anybody out there is applying for this IPO? Is the RM1.45 price tag fair?

It's a Shariah-compliant IPO, unlike the ASTRO IPO last year. No cornerstone investors! If I'm not mistaken, they are offering the largest percentage for retail investors i.e. 10.6%

And AirAsia X is giving some carrots for retail investors in the form of free AirAsia tickets, but you need to subscribe at least 10,000 shares (100 lots) to get one free ticket or 100,000 shares (1,000 lots) for 3 free tickets.

Some analysts said it's for medium to long term investment and do not expect for dividend payout for the three years. Hmmm...

To buy or not to buy?
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