Thursday, 25 September 2008

10% Oh 10%!

At last, the MPP of UiTM had met with Selangor Menteri Besar to discuss from heart to heart the issue on allocating 10% of the university's new intakes to non-Malay Malaysians and foreign students.

According to Malaysiakini, the head of the MPP delegation, Luqmannulhakim was quoted saying that "cadangan Tan Sri Abdul Khalid itu tidak kena dengan masanya berdasarkan situasi semasa golongan bumiputera yang belum dapat bersaing dengan pelajar bukan bumiputera".

I do not know you guys, but I personally think this is an insult to me. When I read my master degree not long ago, there was a non-Malay Malaysian in my class who got there on a British Chevening scholarship. Guess what, her marks for most of the subjects were lower than mine. And I still remember how well my senior, Amelia Alias from Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar, outperformed some of the brainiest non-Malays who attended my school with no less than 8A1 (now it is confusingly 1A, instead of A1) in SRP (sorry... no PMR at that time!).

I wonder what some of my friends who graduated from UiTM would think of this statement by Luqmannulhakim. Believe me, they (yeap, I'm talking about my friends)are as qualified and knowledgeable as the rest of us.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

'American empire' nearing its end!

According to CNN, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticised "a few bullying powers" for creating the world's problems and said the "American empire in the world is reaching the end of its road". As Ahmadinejad spoke, the only person at the United States table was a note-taker; no U.S. diplomat was present. When George W. Bush spoke earlier on Tuesday, however, Ahmadinejad was in the room.

My take: George W. Bush is not only an INTELECTUALLY CHALLENGE person and he's a war criminal as labelled by Tun Mahathir Mohamed, he lacks of manners too.

Can Bush read?

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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Update 1.0

I don't why my desire to blog these days has slowly diminishing once I'm back in Malaysia. Could it be because I don't the luxury of 24/7 Internet access like I used to have in Manchester, or I'm no more longer lead a "happening" (happening ke?) life? Or should I blame it on those unstoppable break fast invitations?

Whatever the reason is, I remain an active email sender! I send out, at least, 300 emails a day! And still read blogs. Except that I don't leave my comments anymore because by the time I finished reading the posts, it's already 2.00 pm and it's time to continue my official work. Unfortunately, blogging and surfing the Net are not part of my job descriptions.

Insya-Allah, will be starting my Raya leave this Monday, which means technically I will be away for 9 days. Till then, will try my best to blog as frequent as possible.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


I just lost my nenek saudara, Nek Soya this morning at about 5 am. My heartfelt condolence to Tuk Alam and his family. May Allah bless her soul and place her amongst His believers. Aamin...

"Ya, Allah! Sesungguhnya dia seorang muslimah yang baik."

Guys... alhamdulillah, I've conveniently settled down in KL and have started working since Monday. It feels SO good to be home, to return to my LIFE - a world with loving family and friends, and of course, all those delicious food and my home sweet home.

Ajoy did look after my place well. Thanks, bro. I just need to do something to my seater because it produces unpleasant sound.

And my NEO is still in good condition, but a bit comot.

Like I said earlier, I'm SO happy to be back. And terima kasih daun keladi to my beloved Mak, for her super duper delicious rendang kerang, sambal tumis ikan bilis and ikan selar masak assam. Can't wait to go home for her ikan selar masak pindang!

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah...

p/s: Mush... Lee... the Internet connection here is SO slow. Sentap!!!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Final Nite Out with Classmates

I went out with my classmates last night for a nice dinner at al-Nawaz in Rusholme. Since some of us will be going home for the next few days, this will be our last chance to get together. Unfortunately, none of our Chinese classmates turned up at the dinner.

At first, I wanted to write a long post. However, my mood is severely affected by the fact that the "shipping people" are playing hide and seek with me. They were supposed to come and collect my boxes yesterday, but due to unforeseen circumstances (read: their terrible coordination & time management), it was last minute postponed (they don't even have the courtesy to ring me!) to today. They promised to come in between 1700 to 1900, but now it's already 2140! Oh, my...

So, I guess I better stop before I become too emotional. Let me leave you with some pictures that I snapped at last nite dinner. Oh, yeah... we also celebrated Aisha's birthday. Once again, happy 23rd birthday Aisha!

After dinner, we took cabs to a club in Hulme to continue our "merdeka" celebration. I didn't stay long because need to go to bed early so that I could wake up for my early breakfast at 4 am. At about 11.30, I joined Takashi-san and his two female friends walked our way to Oxford Road. From there, we all took our separate ways home.
I has been awake since 0400 on 5 September and by the time I reached my flat its almost midnight. Meaning, I have less that 4 hours of sleep before continuing my last third last day in Manchester.
I miss my mum, I want my mum!!!

Friday, 5 September 2008

A night out with flatmates!

This could be our last outing together after living together for about a year. Unfortunately, Christina had gone on Wednesday without the chance to say goodbye to any of us. I guess she must be really, really excited to go back to Cyprus and maybe a bit worried to disturb John, Ana and I, who were still busy with our dissertations at the said time.

Ana will be going home to Spain a day after me and John will be flying to Greece on the Sept 11! Hehehe, nice date... John!

We went to the nearby Trof for a drink and stayed up for about an hour. Both of my flatmates are not into job hunting mood yet, and looking forward to go home, resting and relaxing with their family for a month or two before seriously looking for jobs. Ooohhh... I really envy you guys, because I will be starting my old job on 15 September 2008. That means, less than a week to spend quality times with my family. Sedih... hehehe.

To celebrate our "D-Day", a couple of my classmates are organising two events tonite. A dinner (not a free makan-makan!) for IDPM students at 8pm and a (charity) party at 11pm in Hulme. But I'm not sure whether I can make it for the latter event because I'm planning to go to bed early so that I could wake up for my early morning breakfast (sahur). Oh, yeah... imsak in Manchester, according to Manchester ISOC (Islamic Society) is at 4.30 am. Yeah, I know... the fasting period is much longer here than in Malaysia. We break fast at about 8 pm!

Before I jot off, lets view a couple of pictures I took last night's outing with John and Ana.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Selamat berpuasa!

It's Ramadhan month again. Alhamdulillah, many thank to Allah, for giving another chance to experience another Ramadhan. Selamat berpuasa to Mush and family in Gent, Pak Alang in Loughborough and all my family members and friends, wherever you are.

Today is the second day of fasting, and it's my first time in eight years fasting with my aunt and her family in London. This early morning, we had a nice curry and ayam berlada, cooked by my uncle, Tuk Din. For our first buka puasa, I bought a big box of fresh and natural cream puffs from Beard Papa's. I didn't know that it's Tuk Din and Auntie Midah's favourite, if not, I've had bought another extra box.

Anyhow, will be going home to Manchester this afternoon, therefore, will do iftaar and sahur on my own for the next five or six days.

And today is the birthday of my beloved younger sister, Lia. She's currently in Sintok, doing her practical training at one of the secondary schools in Kedah. Happy birthday, Lia! Good luck in your undertakings and may Allah bless you with more rahmat, berkat and joy. Aamin. And thank you for being a cool and supportive sister.

Like I said earlier, there was a carnival last Saturday and my uncle had a stall there, selling his infamous char kway teow and mee goreng mamak. There were a couple of jejak kasih scenes, whereby I met, among others, Azuan (who I last met in Summer 2000), his surgeon wife and his cute little boy.

The weather was so nice and we had a good crowd too. I did take some pictures for your viewing pleasures.

Since I will be a bit occupied for the next few days, with the submission of my dissertation (printing, binding, etc.) and might not have time for blogging, I would like to extend my birthday wishes to Mus, who will be celebrating his second birthday in his 30s. Good luck in your future undertakings, and semoga berbahagia with your family and TTM. Hehehe...