Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunset at Bagan Lalang

I arrived in KL around 3.30pm and decided to stop by at my office to pick up The Edge. There, I met Nizam and Rejas. They were waiting for Ita to arrive before heading to Umbai, Melaka. Oh, my... they're willing to travel that far for just dinner? I'm impressed! They invited me to join them, which I quickly agreed too. However, Ita was really, really late. So, we changed the destination to Bagan Lalang instead. We arrived there around 7pm and finished dinner about 2 hours later. On way back, we stopped at Sogo for a karaoke session. Hehehe.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New Eatery In Town

Last night, Joe, Rashid and I went to Dagang Avenue to try the new Thai restaurant. We had their seafood steamboat for a reasonable price of RM22++. Rating: nice interior, friendly staff and good spread. Will come again definitely.

Fun at the Park

A weekend outing to Genting Highlands with Faizal, Madi, Ija, Juliana and her family

I Love My Life

I'm happy with my life more than ever. Well, nothing to shout out, but I like how things happen so far. I have my beloved family with me, and close friends too. And less worries this time. Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for continuous blessings.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Photolog: A weekend @Genting Highlands

Where: Genting Highlands
When: 22-23 January 2010
With whom: Faizal, Ija Salleh, Madi, Juliana and her family (Udin, Farhad, Farhan & Maryam)
Accommodation: Genting View Resort

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Late Breakfast With Friends

I was too tired and sleepy to drive home last night. My friends persuaded me to overnight. This morning after a dose of CSI, I went home to prepare for the arrival of Amran and Mokhtar who has agreed to do my long over due home curtains. Over we get down to business, we decided to fill in our tank. Since there is only one 'kopitiam', obviously, Papa Rich is the only choice.


What an ironic, we met at my senior's place in damansara damai, but he was not in this picture. In fact, Izack and I were too busy snapping pictures, we totally forgot about him. So sorry, Kidi. He was fifth former when I first stepped into Melaka High School. He was a close friend to another senior, Fendi, who was close to me too. Fendi and Kidi were housemates previously until Kidi moved into his own. I heard Fendi still at old place, which is not that far from my apartment, but due to time and commitments, we hardly bum into each other. Another senior of mine who was quite close to me until he got married, was Ameer. How is he doing now? Would be good if I could have a reunion with them, plus Muza, Rezuan, Borhan, Zaimi and Azizi. Insya-Allah...

Monday, 18 January 2010

Ops... I lodged a complaint again!

Subject: Complaint

Good morning.

I would like to draw your attention to my unpleasant visit to your outlet @Stadium Bolasepak Cheras last Thursday. I excitedly placed an order for 3 sets of KFC Zinger Tower, after looking at those small posters that were all over the place, sit nicely on the tables, or hanging happily on the ceiling. To my surprise, the sweet girl at the counter squashed my excitement by announcing that "Zinger Tower tiada sebab bun takde!"

Oh, maybe you should bring down all those small posters, and stop pretending and stop giving false hope to your customers.

I ordered snack plate instead. When I was about to make payment, the girl surprised me one more time, "Bun dah habis, jadi kami bagi diskaun untuk snack plate abang."

Oh my... what was the store manager doing? This is simply a bad stock management planning. How can you do not have "your bread and butter" in stock?

At the background, the store manager in-charge, a lady stood there with a sour

Since I am not a person who likes to make a "scene", I quickly paid and settled down at the corner of the outlet to enjoy my meal, after a visit to the nearby hospital. Out of habit, I walked to the sink to wash my hand. And then was when I found out the biggest shock of the day.

What? They placed bottles of chili sauce at the bottom of the sink? Is this hygenic? Is this the industry's practice? I do not recall seeing anything like this at other fast food restaurants.

Attached picture is for your viewing and action, please.

Hopefully, my next visit would be a pleasant one. Otherwise, my family, friends and I would
have to say "Goodbye" then.

Thank you.

- me -
Taman Shamelin Perkasa

Note: At least the Customer Service of KFC took only 2 hours to acknowledge receipt of my complaint. Their reply is as follows:

Subject: RE: Complaint

Greetings from KFC Customer Service!

Thank you for your kind feedback. We will look into the said matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

Till, then we bid you a pleasant day and God bless!

Friday, 15 January 2010

How fast time flies!

He does not know me. But no worry, I am not a stalker.

I used to buy breakfast from his mother's food stall because Makcik Sukat, a nickname given by her customers of her habit to ration her 'products', cooked tastier food compared to other food stalls.

There he was, in school uniform. But that was three or four years ago.

Now, he's grown up already. And he smokes!

How fast time flies indeed.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy birthday, boss!

Today is Encik Kamari's birthday. The Staff Club has requested Norah to get a birthday cake from Secret Recipe. But since I've had a plan to go to Tesco, I volunteered to buy the cake instead. I bought a 2kg chocolate indulgence. "Sedaplah kek ni. Pandai u pilih!", said Norah. Happy birthday, Pengarah. All the best in your undertakings. May Allh bless you with rahmat, berkat and joy. Aamin.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Everest Enthusiasts

I admire them. They've climbed the Island Peak in November 2009, and now their new target is none other than THE Mount Everest.

Ally, the free hair lady, is also in a boot camp that I saw them training this morning at the Padang Merbok. With her, were another colleague, Zoey. Shamseer Sindhu was there too!

The other two in the above picture are Adibah and Harizal. Harizal and I were helping each other in our applications for postgraduate scholarship back in 2007. There were another two friends of us applying as well, but unfortunately one of them was unsuccessful. Jangan putus asa tau!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Party by the Pool

Before you get too excited, it was (yeap, the party was held last Friday!) not a typical party that u've saw on TV or in the movies. It supposed to be a thanksgiving party, well not the typical American thanksgiving party, but a simple majlis kesyukuran which happened to be held at the swimming pool area of my place. And no dress code or specific theme for the said party.

The event was co-organised by Azzril, Ajoi and myself and each one of us was allocated with 15 guests each. Taken into consideration that this makan-makan was to be held after office hour on week day, I've shortlisted 15 of my close friends who I think could make it to the party. Alhamdulillah, all my invited guests had turned up at the party while Azzril was short of three guests and Ajoi's two.

Although it was raining a bit at the begining of the party, alhamdulillah it did not stop the invitees to come and get together with friends. And thank God, the majlis went smoothly and without any mishaps (not that we've anticipated any!).

And I took the opportunity to throw a surprise birthday celebration for Konda and Azzril. Walaupun Hafez agak kurang setuju pada permulaannya, tapi aku rasa alang-alang kawan-kawan rapat Azzril ada pada masa itu, baik kita ambil kesempatan yang ada. I'm so sorry Hafez if that has disrupted any of your in-coming plans.

Ramai yang tanya tentang objektif parti ini. Aku pun tak tahu macam mana nak jawap. Apa-apa pun, cuba tanyakan Azzril ataupun Ajoi. Dah nama pun thanksgiving, pastinya untuk mensyukuri rezeki yang ada.

As always, I've learned a valuable lesson from this event. It seems that some of my friends (althought they were not specifically in my list of invitees per se), have the habit of do not bother to confirm their attendance. Or that concept is too alien for them? Bukan apa, kalau mereka mengesahkan ketidakhadiran terlebih awal, sekurang-kurangnya pihak penganjur boleh memajukan jemputan kepada orang lain.

Bak kata Izal, lain padang lainlah belalang.

Anyhow, on behalf of Azzril, Ajoi and myself, thank you very much for coming, friends. We really appreciate it. Terima kasih daun keladi kepada yang membantu, terutamanya Ajim dan Ade.

Jangan serik semua. Kalau ada umur yang panjang, boleh kita bermajlis kesyukuran lagi!