Thursday, 25 February 2010

Happy Birthday, Mak!

Semoga murah rezeki, panjang umur dan berbahagia di samping suami dan keluarga tercinta. May Allah bless you with more rahmat, berkat and joy. Aamin.

Thank you for your love, care and guidance. I will always love you.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chocolate, Anyone?

Some said, if you're depressed, eat chocolate. If you're happy, eat chocolate too!

Betul ke?

Are we so obsessed with chocolates?

I remember telling my friends about going to Langkawi last year. After that, I received three orders from them to buy chocolates. They said chocolates in Langkawi are cheaper and worthwhile buying. Is it true?

A similar thing happened in 2008, a couple of weeks before I returned home from Manchester. Chocolates and, of course jerseys.

"Make sure you buy enough chocolates for your aunts and cousins," my mother reminded me.

"But not dark chocoloate, please. It's too bitter and none of your cousins like it," she added. To cut things short, I spent almost 200 pound sterling for chocolates alone.

And the funny thing is I found out later Toblerone costs cheaper in Tesco stores here in Malaysia than the one I bought in Manchester. Thanks for WTO and globalisation, I guess no one can tell the difference because it uses the same packaging.

So, the next time when you're about to order chocolates from Langkawi, make sure you've checked your nearest Tesco or Carrefour store.

Anyhow, are you still in the mood for chocolate?

Monday, 22 February 2010

A Sunday With Anak-anak Baitul Hidayah

I'm so happy that my neighbour Yusof Mansor invited me to join him and his friend to an orphanage home in Puchong yesterday.

There are 18 boys aged between five and 11 years old. They live there with the family of Ustaz something something (oh, my... I really bad with names, kan!) and they're all adorable.

We brought along some groceries and spent the whole day playing with them.

We started with art lesson, which was led by Yusof Mansor of course! So that you know I'm not good in drawing. In fact, that was the only subject that I've failed in my primary school days. When it comes to colours, I tell you, these kids are more talented than myself. I'm impressed with their raw talent in matching colours!

Then, we talked to them about their ambitions. Most of them have common answers - either to be a teacher or a policeman. But one kid told me that he wanted to be a pilot, so that he could fly his single mother all over the world. Ah, so sweet, kan!

Besides praying together, I also joined them playing board games. Should I bring Boggle for my next visit? Or the game is too hard for children?

We wanted to play badminton after Asar prayer, but Yusof Mansor got a call that said his younger sister had just gave birth to a baby boy. So, we rushed to Hospital Putrajaya to pay a visit.

Oh, my... they really need to do something with the road signage in Putrajaya. It took us quite some time to arrive at the hospital. Itu pun, selepas dua tiga panggilan telefon untuk meminta arah.

And this is Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia! Tapi, apa-apa pun Putrajaya memang cantik!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Congratulations, Marina & Ismail!

Semoga berbahagia santak akhir hayat.

She's my cousin from my father's side. She's the eldest daughter of my Mak Usu (my father's youngest sister) and the third to get married in her family. Well, I'm not that close to her, in fact none of my siblings is close to her. Maybe because she's based in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan and the rest of us, are either in Melaka or Kuala Lumpur.

The above picture was taken by Mimie, another female cousin of mine. In fact, she's the closest cousin of mine. Or is it Nurul who's my closest cousin? Anyhow, the reason that I'm closer to my female cousins is because majority of male cousins are at least five years younger than me. In other words, there are at least five year gap between them and I. Itu pun seorang dua. Yang lain-lain, sekurang-kurangnya lapan ataupun sembilan tahun jaraknya. Actually, I do have two or three close male cousins, but they're my second or third cousins.

In the above picture, they are my all three female siblings, my brother in-law and the pengantins. My male siblings were busy at the back, washing plates and cups.

Before you got a wrong impression, I did help out tau! But, not as hard as my parents, Fizul and Lan. They're so hardworking and I'm so proud of them. Although Marina didn't help out at Mira's and Lia's wedding, but that didn't bother them at all.

Anyhow, alhamdulillah, the majlis went smoothly. Once again, congratulations cousins!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Sunbathing @Pengkalan Balak

My friend and I went to Pengkalan Balak last weekend for a quick sunbathing session. Yes, you read it correctly. Sunbathing. What were I thinking? Hehehe, maybe at that time I thought my body was not tanned enough.

Anyhow, our initial plan was to go to Desaru. Another two of our friends were waiting there. Well, not exactly Desaru, but Air Papan, Mesing. However, we'd to change our plan at the very last minute, because none of our cars have been serviced. And my dear friend was a bit reluctant to take bus.

Despite hot temperature, it turned out to be a worthwhile outing. We found a very nice spot with good view and less people. And only one ice-cream vendor!

I will definitely return to this place again in the future. Nak ikut?

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Why I Smiled?

An unfriend person is still terhegeh-hegeh with me. Sorry Mus, you're not the only one lucky.

And thanks, Mr. Postman. Alhamdulillah, you make my day.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Too Many 4D Adverts on Harian Metro!

Date: 10 February 2010
Subject: Too much 4D adverts on Harian Metro

Dear Sidang Pengarang HM,


I would like to lodge my dismay on your business decision to publish too many 4D advertisements in your publication. As for today's Harian Metro, there are 4 pages of such advertisements (as per attachments). Eventhough it brings in good income to your business, I would expect your paper to, at least, have a social responsibility to your readers, which I believe that majority of them are Malays and Muslims. And I do not think such advertisements would do any benefits to them.

Or, it is a signal of your unwritten commitment to these gambling-related businesses to target to bulk of your readers.

If I'm not mistaken, gambling is prohibited by all religions (but I'm not so sure about paganisme) in this country. At least, that should also be taken into consideration in your decision-making pertaining to what advert to publish and what not.

In this regard, I really disappointed with this so-called Akhbar Harian Bahasa Malaysia No. 1.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
- me -
Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My Lunch Gang

Nowadays, it's really hot in the afternoon. Therefore, I decided to tapau food from the cafe and have it in the office pantry.

Well, I'm not alone. A handful of my colleagues are doing the same thing - tapau food and dine in the pantry.

At first, they were shocked the moment they found out what I was having for lunch. Now, they are more receptive. In fact two or three of them have started to have similar lunch as me, which has no nasi and just lauk.

So, ada berani you people out there? hehehe...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Saturday, 6 February 2010

An afternoon with Rafin

I was at Midvalley, did some home living shopping. Rafin joined later, after attended his friend's wedding in Seri Kembangan with Azzril and Kay. I bumped into Jeremy on my way to Robinson. I can see that he's doing some last minute shopping for Chinese New Year festival. Enjoy shopping to all!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Khusyuknya Dia!

Mus and I had dinner at Taman Kosas last night. We tried pecel lele at our ex-housemate's stall. The food was good, just that the cleanliness of all food stalls there need to be improved. And this cute kid is the anak angkat of him. He was playing games on iPhone. Yeap, you read it correctly, iPhone.

"Clever boy!", that what I said him again and again.

Mus The Storyteller

I'm a big fan of those who has a talent to tell any story to be an interesting one. One of them is Mus. I started to appreciate his storytelling skill way back in 1994. We were in the same class except for Bahasa Melayu and English subjects, where all the students were grouped together based on some assessment to gauge the so-called language proficiency of each student.

I used to get better grades than him in almost all subjects, except the above two subjects.

And I tell you, I was so green with envy, to the extent that I secretly sent my piece of karangan of the same topic as Mus' to his BM teacher, with the hope to score better grade than him.

I'm sure you guys know the outcome of such 'conspiracy'!

But that was yesteryears' days.

Now, I've channelled my enviness to a more productive inspiration (and I truly believe it!). I hope to build a production house that produces good dramas or movies with of course, good storytelling.

And rest assured, Mus will always be my first choice for the creative director.

Lets Melalak Guys!

A karaoke session with officemates at Redbox Ria, Sogo. Best! Jom, lets do it again.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Don't play, play!

"Brutal tak?" tanya Madi, yang akan Bangkok malam ini.

This is his second trip there, and this time with Britney, Salizan and Kak Hawa. Have a safe and pleasant journey guys! Kap Kun Kap (betul ke?)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A Class With An Ustaz

It was my second class. I first joined it last two weeks. This fortnightly class is conducted by Ustaz Hassan Din in Bukit Indah, Ampang. I've learned a lot so far and more tempted to even more. Jom kawan-kawan!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hadiah oh Hadiah!

We received this hamper from the telematches we participated in our Department's Family Day, which was held @Bukit Gambang Resort City last weekend.

Those in my group were Azwan, Azreena, Rina, Kak Mai and Kak Zarina. Our team leader was Liza M.

We staged an interesting drama sebabak, titled "Aku Sebuah Kereta". We were glad that everyone seemed to enjoy the show. Oh yeah, the idea came from Azwan. Good job, Azwan!

Selamat Panjang Umur!

I went to Alexis @Great Eastern Mall, Ampang to celebrate the birthday of Man and Fik. All the best in your undertakings. May Allah bless you with more rahmat, berkat and joy. Aamin.

Reply from KFC

I received the reply on 21 January 2010, as follows:

Dear Mr Haron,

We received your e-mail expressing your disappointment with your visit to our KFC Restaurant at Football Stadium recently. We sincerely apologize if your expectation was not met while visiting us. We are unable to serve burger product and buns on that particular day was due to machinery breakdown at our supply centre.

We are very concern with the experience you endured during this visit. I wish to also let you know that this e-mail is also being forwarded to all the relevant parties who are equally concern and would like to do everything they can to correct what may have gone wrong.

Yours sincerely,
Yeo Wan Ling
Area Manager.

Click here to read my earlier complaint.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Karaoke Jamban?

I don't know why they call it karaoke jamban. Can anybody share it with me?

Dini, Adzmel, Shahrul and I were trying it @Bukit Gambang Resort City last Friday. RM1 per song. Murah kan?

Shahrul, I really like your singing, especially your rendition of Ramli Sarip's.