Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010

I know this blog has not been updated for more than a month. Sorry, I'm really, really sorry.

Busy? Part of it. One of the reasons is because I don't have access to the Internet at my home sweet home. Why? You may call me stingy if you want, but I really think it's not worthwhile to pay at least RM78 for a broadband service of 1.5MBps speed (or is it 3MBps now?)! Jauh betul bezanya dengan apa yang aku guna di Manchester dulu.

I don't want to nag too much on that. Let us get down to business. My take on 2009 or should I write about the decade that will leave us in a couple of hours from now? An account of a decade? Hmmm... read magazines instead! Hehehe...

Although there is no big milestones for 2009, but I still want to consider it as a good year for me. And a not too bad year for the economy. Because many scholars had predicted for a much worse recession in 2009, following the slowdown in 2008. But it turned out that Allah know best. While the Malaysian economy had shrunk, (please... this is only my personal account and don't take it seriously and this view takes into account the first 3 quarters of 2009 only) the impact, alhamdulillah has not been that damaging, at least to my standard of living. Hehehe... poyo!

First, I would like to thank Allah for the more rezekis that I've received in this year as compared to previous years. And I hope I had paid out sufficient zakat to cleanse my wealth. Also, I did not suffer any serious illness this year. Except for a slightly severe sore throat. Even that, it was only once.

Second, I received more new family members (brother-in law and baby cousins and anak buahs) and new friends this year too. And they bring along more colours into my life and I'm so thankful for that. Syukur juga di atas kurniaan ahli-ahli keluarga yang sihat dan bahagia.

Third, despite the unfavourable economic climate, alhamdulillah, I still managed to do a couple of trips to local destination as well as overseas - Kuching, Langkawi Island, Bandung, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Manila, Perhentian Island, Endau-Rompin State Park, Pangkor Island and Perlis.

Fourth, I was awarded with several accolades to recognise my small contributions either in work-related jobs or community services. Thank you very much to those who had nominated me and I really appreciate it.

Last but not least, this is my second year of freedom from credit card debt. My only obligations are housing and car financing. No personal financing and alhamdulillah, an increased savings for rainy days, insya-Allah. Harap-harap, rezeki berterusan murah hendaknya. Aamin.

Oh, sebelum lupa... biarpun aku belum temui kebahagiaan yang nyata, tapi syukur juga kerana aku dapat juga kecapi bahagia, biarpun sekumit. Thank you, thank you very much for coming into my life.

Before I stop, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a blessed year ahead and may Allah grant us with more rahmat, berkat and joy. Aamin.

And I would like to thank my sister, Lia for being a dear and supportive sister and congratulations for receiving a good man into your life.

Jutaan terima kasih buat famili, kawan-kawan dan pembaca graha residenKu. Insya-Allah, will try my best to be a better son, brother, friend and blogger.