Saturday, 19 January 2013

Experiencing Malaysian-styled Privatisation

My appointment was set at 8 am, but they only started working at 8.30am. Yeap, that is what I experienced at the Wangsa Maju Puspakom.

I intended to transfer the ownership of my NEO to my younger brother. It is the requirement of the law to have the car to be inspected by Puspakom, eventhough the transfer does not involve any exchange of money or material value. It is called "tukar hak milik sukarela".

The whole exercise took about an hour and fifteen minutes, plus RM30. And you will be given the certificate at the end of the session if:

  1. the engine of your car is in good condition and has not been altered or damaged;
  2. the chasis is genuine;
  3. the car is not a kereta-potong; and
  4. the tinted film meets the specification by JPJ.
What's next? You have to bring the certificate to JPJ and execute the ownership transfer within one month from the date of the certificate.
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