Sunday, 15 July 2012

A weekend in Cherating

It was a spontaneous planning. At first, the group wanted to have picnic in Sekinchan. Picnic? Sekinchan? Well, don't ask me why and why, because I really don't have the answer and I can't read what was in Ed's mind when he first mooted the idea.

I guess the idea to go to Cherating came from Reena and Wawa. And the two ladies were the one who arranged for the accommodation.

For for the itinerary, it was led by Reena, with the assistance of her GPS and of course, Ed and Danny who had been there before.

I picked Pak Itam Inn. Wait a minute, did I say Reena is the one who picked the accommodation? And, she did a good job indeed. All of us love the place!

(to be continued)

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