Friday, 13 July 2012

Birthdays of the Week

We celebrated three birthdays this week. 

The first one was Kak Azah, which was held on Monday at Secret Recipe, The Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Then, Myn on Wednesday. And last but not least, the late Kak Sharifah. I get to know all these three ladies at my current working place.

All the best in your undertakings, Myn and Kak Azah. May Allah bless both of you with more rahmat, berkat and joy.

To arwah Kak Sharifah, may Allah forgive you and bless you soul. You're deeply missed by all of us. Al-fatihah.

Myn with her birthday cake (sponsored by the Operations Section)

Kak Azah with her birthday cake (sponsored by the Analysis Section)

Izal, Danny, Ed and the cutest, Iman with the birthday cake for arwah that was sponsored by Reena
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