Friday, 30 December 2011

Melalak, Melalak Lagi

This time around, the attendees were Geng KY members, minus Eijam who was busy preparing for his exams and Mitch who was out of town if I'm not mistaken.

We started the night with a dinner at our favourite hangout spot, no other than Kedai Kak Yah (I think we should renamed the group as Geng KKY). I, however, had to give it a pass due to some technicalities and traffic jam at the flyover of Jalan Pandan Indah and MMR2 interchange.

And I don't know why my mood wasn't there too, whereby I only song 3 songs - my compulsory opening number, J. Mizan's Hari Ini Dan Semalam, my second attempts of Afghan's Padamu Ku Bersujud and Kaer's Izin Ku Pergi.

Mus did complain about my anti-social behaviour on the night, whereby I was busy surfing on iPhoneKu than paying attention of my friends' colourful renditions of Malaysian as well as international hits. Sorry Mus and I'm really, really sorry guys. It won't happen happen. Insya Allah.

But the hightlight of the night is when Mus sang his first ever Malay song in any of the karaoke outings that I've joined him all this while.

Nak lagi, Mus!!!

After melalak, we stopped by at Q Bistro for a light supper before we call it a day. Once again, I'm really sorry guys for sleeping at the table while all of you were catching out with each other. I'm sure all of you saw fir yourselves how struggling I was to keep my eyes open. Once again, MAAF banyak-banyk.

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