Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Recycling Products

As part of the efforts to support the company's drive to promote recycling culture, my department has designated 4 November to 5 December 2011 as the Go Green Month.

One of the programmes for this campaign is to create the most creative recycling products out of office waste. The emphasis here are MOST CREATIVE and OFFICE WASTE.

And the following are the products of my team - Pasukan X-MEN:

1) Self-made paper bags (by Rina)

2) Bookmarks (by HH, Reena & Zaini)

3) Pens & pencils holder (by Zaini)

4) Family photo frame (by Zaini)

5) Gift box (by Zaini)

6) Picture frame (by Liza K)

7) Outstanding Work Compartment (by Rina)

8) Recycle greeting card (by Zaini)

Compartment for used envelopes to be reused

10) Compartment for recycle papers

And our team won the second place. We were second to Pasukan The Incredibles.
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