Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lata Berkoh

A brief stop before jungle trekking to Lata Berkoh. Our guide advised us to come again in July or August, for maximum adventure because the tide is lower then.

Lata Berkoh is not the place for swimming dummies like me. Anyhow, the view of its surrounding is picturesque! It could be considered as eye therapy too, staring at the beautiful creations by the Almighty.

And of course the boat ride was awesome. Worth doing it again and again. I wish I had a video camera, but my iPhone4 did not do justice to its beauty.

On the way back, we stopped for an hour at Kelah Fish Santuary for feeding the fish and of course, to swim the fish too. I personally think they should ban the fish feeding activity because it will affect the habitual of the fish and to some extent, affect their surviving skill. Anyhow, the guide claimed that the feed is organic-based and not harmful to the fish. (Hmmm... betul ke?)

But again, my opinion on this was not well-received by my dearest friends.

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