Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Do You That You Should Get 2.5% "Rebate" From TNB Every Year?

YES! I just got to know of this fact when I checked the TNB website today. The one-off deposit you paid upon the request for electricity installment is mandated to be paid 2.5% interest on an annual basis. So, make sure you check your incoming January bill.

Interest on Deposit Paid

TNB will give a 2.5% rebate on the deposit paid by the customer which will be credited yearly into the customer's
January bill.

One more thing, you may request for refund for excess deposit payment. The actual deposit to be paid to TNB is calculated based on the average of two months bill. Administratively, it is better to let it be because if your average suddenly increased, you may then have to top up your deposit.

Reduction in Deposit Amount

If the average of two (2) months bill is less than the amount of deposit paid, TNB will credit the customers' next bill. For example:

Deposit PaidRM300.00
Average Monthly Bill RM100.00
Average of two (2) months electricity usedRM200.00
Amount credited to account (RM300–RM200) RM100.00

To know more about deposit and charges, click here for more details.

And you may create a TNB online account, so that you could check your bill at anytime, anywhere and perform some value-added services online.

Good luck!
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