Tuesday, 19 July 2011


This morning, reading about the court rejected Kamariah Ali's application for the civil court to hear her application to leave Islam, make me thinking there are quite a number of morons who read The Malaysian Insider.

They don't know the subject matter but tried to be subject matter expect.

The case is not about human rights, but it is about separation of powers between civil and shariah courts. A clear distinction of role and functions.

Kamariah Ali is just like Lina Joy, simply arrogant and stupid. Period.

If you want to leave Islam just go to shariah court. There are already a number of successful applications. Even if you go to a person's house, if you want to leave, is it right to use the balcony and jump into a neighbour's balcony, go inside and leave through his/her door?

Like Lina Joy, Kamariah Ali is behaving like a coward. She is afraid of what the court will find out, particularly the chronological events of being a murtad.

Just go to shariah court. Period.

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