Friday, 15 July 2011

My Geng KY

Not sure whether or I've introduced this circle of my friends here.

First of all, don't try to be naughty. This group has nothing to do with that lubricant! This is a group of people who happen to click with me, and we gather ourselves at a foodstall owned by Kak Yah :)

At early days, we used to meet up on friday night. Share with others how the week turned out.

That it became saturday night or sunday morning.

But since our unofficial team leader moved to Shah Alam (or is it Subang?) the gathering has become less frequent. Tambahan pula, seorang lagi ahli berpindah ke rumahnya sendiri.

Korumnya daripada 8 orang, kadang-kadang bertiga ataupun berempat sahaja.

Tapi kami bertuah sebab sempat bercuti sama-sama. Takde la jauh mana, ke Pulau Langkawi saja.

I love to talk about politics although my topic hardly well-received by others. I guess they're too polite to scream at my face, "screw you with your politics bullshits!"

But everyone of us love to discuss about showbiz. And I love to make them feel bad everytime they accidentally looked down on local industry. Well, I'm no a fighter for local scene but I just hate (I should use dislike instead, hate is too harsh isn't it) when people generalise things.

Who ask you to see Prof Madya's or Yusof Haslam's when you could see good stuff in Yasmin Ahmad's or Uwei Haji Shaari's! Who ask you to listen to Nordiana or Spoon, instead of Yuna, Ning Baizura or Hujan!

We argue and agree a lot.

Despite vast differrence in size, we do have one thing in common, we really need help in relationship department. Sometimes we could be a bit pathetic when handling the L thingy.

While some can be very protective, some are jiwang tahap gaban. And me? Commitment phobic!

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