Wednesday, 3 July 2013

SingaPura & Malaysia punyai hutang isirumah tertinggi di rantau ini

Singapore, Malaysia household debts among highest in region

JULY 03, 2013
Singapore households are among the most indebted in Asia relative to what they earn, according to a Standard Chartered report this week, reported the Straits Times.
Households had borrowings worth 151 per cent of their annual income last year, second in the region only to Malaysia, with debt at 182 per cent of income.
This is mainly because consumers here take on large dollops of property debt, amounting to 111 per cent of household income - the highest level in the region, Stanchart said.
However, Stanchart warned that as rates rise, debt servicing may become more difficult for home owners who are over-leveraged, although current debt burdens are still manageable.Thanks to low interest rates, the repayments that Singapore households make on loans are also among the lowest in the region as a share of income.
Indeed, Stanchart's data shows that the overall debt service ratio for Singapore households has been rising since 2008. But they remain moderate, with total debt repayments coming up to only 13 per cent of total household incomes, the bank said.
This is lower than in Malaysia, South Korea and Australia, although higher than in the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China and Taiwan, which have debt service ratios between 2 and 7 per cent, it added. - July 3, 2013.
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