Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bila Gambar Berbicara 3

Satu lagi gambar lama yang aku jumpa on Uncle Naguib's Facebook.

Gambar ini diambil oleh Uncle Naguib semasa Angah Midah came back to Malaysia for holiday.

Seingat aku, gambar ini diambil pada tahun 1991.

Di sebelah aku adalah sepupu aku, Mimi. Mimi adalah cucu perempuan sulung arwah Cikgu Jaafar. We were very competitive, back then in our school days. And she was the national youth shooter champion.

Next to her are my two sisters, Mira and Lia.

Behind us is the rumah pusaka Cikgu Jaafar. Well, it was not in its original built from 1960s. It was renovated in 80s to replace its kitchen and to install the tangga batu, three in total.

Can you see the Proton Aeroback? If I'm mistaken it was Kak Ja's first car. Kak Ja is the first in family to further study overseas! She went to Japan on JPA scholarship to do engineering degree. 

Behind the car, the was a small structure. Guess, what was that? Hehehe, that was our dapur kayu. My mother used it to cook ketupats, rendang and sambal for all Raya celebrations until late 90s. That was when my father renovated the house for three time, to replace half of the rumah tengah and dapur.

When I returned home in 2000, the dapur kayu was gone and mother cooked everything inside the house using gas cooker.

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