Sunday, 13 November 2011

Night at A Farmosa

My friends came down to Melaka to attend my sister's wedding. They stayed at Mahkota Hotel. There are five of them, namely, Mus, Sham, Eijam, AJ and Shah.

Since I was very occupied during daytime, I could only joined them at night.

At first, I was planning to bring them to Jonker Street. Later, I found out that the area was packed with participants and fans of body building competition. If I'm not mistaken, they held the 3rd World Body Building Championship here in Melaka. I'm puzzled why they chose Jonker Walk as the venue.

In fact, the boys already strolled the infamous street themselves in the afternoon.

Instead, I met them at Mc Donalds! Nazrol was later joined us after meeting Geng Bebudak Melaka. They cannot stayed long because Fendy and Ed need to go to bed early because they will be going to Jempol for another make-up job. Similarly, Nazri need to attend a state function on the next morning.

As usual, we started our gathering with latest updates on what happened in Kuala Lumpur for the last one week plus that I'd left the city. Some are juicy indeed, some are boring. Then, the bashing part. As always, it was all about "negeri maju" vs. "metropolis kulaijaya".

If AJ didn't remind us how late it was, we could have continue talking until subuh! Before we dismiss, we promised to meet again for brunch at Restoran Ayam Golek Bachang.

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