Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Letters, Land Title & Graduation

I was away from home since the eve of Eid Adha. I went home to my parents' in Melaka. Besides celebrating eid, I helped my sister looking after her first child, a daughter which happened to be my first niece. Also, I was helping my parents with the preparation of my youngest sister's wedding.

I returned home yesterday after sending my sister and her hubby off to the airport. They have gone to Bali for their much awaited honeymoon. I hope they will have a whale of great time there.

And last night, while waiting for Yusof and Arbain to pick me up, I bumped into my new housemate, Harees. He just got back from work. That was our second encounter since becoming housemate on the eve of 9th Zulkaedah. Yusof once again brought me to Restoran Jet for our favourite char kway teow.

This morning, I was doing nothing at home. Just laid on my bed, surfing the Internet. An hour before afternoon, I decided to go to Tiram Travel at Dataran Palma to pay for the requested deposits. Rozain (soft spoken chap with well maintained goatee and sweet smile) gave me a few copies of booklets, together with the official receipt.

Later, I went to collect my letters from the letterbox. And look what I found in it. The invitation letter from the International Islamic University Malaysia for the graduation ceremony which has been scheduled on 3 December 2011.

To those who do not know, I took up a 9-month certificate programme on Islamic Law late last year. Alhamdulillah, I managed to complete it last March. Actually, I'm very looking forward to attending this ceremony, which is my first time to experience the Malaysian-style graduation ceremony.

According to the letter, I need to pick up the robe by this weekend. This means I could bring home the robe to Melaka so that I could take a couple of pictures with my family wearing the graduation gown.

Tak sabar!

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