Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thank You Note

For the first time, in my 10 years of working, I came to the office on the Teacher's Day. Mungkin ada hikmahnya.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Juita, Rina, Ayud and Fay for the delicious lunch treat @TGI Friday's. Terima kasih daun keladi.

Special thanks to Lia, Helmi, Mak Nit, Shira and Ina for the lovely surprise. And thanks fro the cake too. Terima kasih sebab sudi datang ke Graha Residen. I really appreciate it.

Also, to Nazrol, Din, Yamin and Mango, "Korang memang degil kan! Tetap nak make me blushing in public kan! Anyhow, thank you for the super cute cake. I feel like Datuk Siti Nurhaliza with those strawberries and chocolate. And thanks Lara, for making an appearance!

Apa-apa pun, jutaan terima kasih kepada yang hantar ucapan, sama ada menerusi SMS, e-mel dan mesej FB. And this year, the earliest wisher was Faizal Azman, at 12.01 am.

Other well-wishers are as follows:

2) Czarquay
3) Nazrol Majid
4) Niza Hamdan
5) Hisham Adli
6) Fizul Hamdan
7) Lan Hamdan
8) Azizul Hadi
9) Salizan
10) Zul Mohd Noor
11) Rezuan Mat Yasin
12) Kak Mas
13) Damita Jo (Mieda)
14) Arin
15) Ed
16) Malisa Mat Jahaya
17) Jue Ali
18) Wan T
19) Azizan Chai
20) Saifuddin Ibrahim
21) Zetty Julia
22) Linda Rahman
23) Mitch

Not forgotten, love and hugs to my beloved mother, for her prayers and kind words early in the morning, really make my day. I love you, Mak. You're my greatest love of all.

Terima kasih, terima kasih kepada Kak Liza, Kak Zarina, Jun, Shahrul, May Yeow, Wan Zainuddin and fellow colleagues on 8C for the harmonious birthday song. Talking about birthday song, thanks to doctor-to-be, Wan Ahmad Faizal Alaidin for singing the same song too. Actually, I'm more affected by the Quran recital in the background.

Terima kasih juga kepada fellow colleagues from 9C - Sufian, Erwan, Din, Rahimah, Moon, Azreena, Kak Azah, Ajaex, Khairina.

Last but not least, thank you Malis, thank you for making me cokodok and sambal tumis ikan bilis for my breakfast on my birthday. Memang terbaik! And thank you Ridwan for the birthday cake. You're such a caring agent.

From the bottom of my heart, alhamdulillah and thank you very much.
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