Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Photolog: Kota Bahru 2011

As part of preparation for my final paper, I decided to go out of Kuala Lumpur so that I could concentrate on my revision. I took up the balance of my study leave, packed my luggage and flew to Kota Bahru.

This time around I stayed at Kota Bahru Tune Hotel.

Thank you Farid, Faris and Ibrahim for allowing me to stay quietly in my hotel room, so that I could forced myself to focus on my revision, and only brought me for sightseeing on my final day in Kota Bahru. So kind of the three of you and I really appreciate it.

Apa yang aku boleh simpulkan di sini, Kota Bahru makin bersih dan makanannya masih lagi berpatutan rasa dan harganya.

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