Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Berkecil Hati Seorang Sutradara

Aku tak tahu sama ada hendak bersimpati atau nak gelakkan Ahmad Idham.

It all started when YB Khairy Jamaluddin was raving about the newest Malay film in town, Bunohan. YB KJ didn't stop there but made a brief comparison with Ahmad Idham's Hantu Bonceng! He said, "Bunohan was excellent. Deep metaphors, great dialogue & accomplished cinematography. Def not Hantu Bonceng genre. Msian cinematic art".

Come on, Ahmad Idham! Act like an adult. You were smiling from one ear to another when people praised (definitely, I'm NOT one of them), but cannot accept criticism at all?

Siapa suruh buat filem yang macam itu! You win in the short run, but I doubt people will ever remember it in the next decade.

It's your call, man. Be a responsible karyawan :)

p/s: anybody would like to join to watch this film @Viva tonight?
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