Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Congrats Yuna and MUH!

In general, I like almost all finalists for this coming Anugerah Juara Lagu. Very thankful that my favourites managed to get to the final. And my top 5 songs are Drama King, Cinta Sempurna, Extravaganza, Aku Ada Kamu and Naluri Cinta.

I have a feeling that the coveted award will go to either Meet Uncle Hussein or Yuna and best vocal will go to Hafiz, unless Black does not terkucil like what he did in the semifinal.

However, I cannot give my take on best showmanship but I'm so looking forward to see what Stacy and Tomok would come up on the big night.

Although I was a bit disappointed with the fact that Azlan Abu Hassan failed to reach the final this time, I have to admit that the song (Sejujur Hatimu) was not the strongest in Adibah Noor's second album. I personally believe if she nominates either Bulan dan Bintang or Sesalju Impian, she and Azlan would stand a better chance.

And I was also disappointed that Mirwana and Fiq's Manifestasi Cinta didn't make the cut. I really think that the song bring a new meaning to nasyid genre. Ke aku seorang saja yang syok sendiri?

Anyhow, all the best to all finalists and promise to us that you guys will give your very best the night itself. Jangan bikin malu!
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