Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Now She's Posing

Presenting my niece, Damia Batrisya with her eyes wide open :)

She's 3 months old today. Well, not exactly 3 months old until 7.30 tonight.

And she's becoming more tembam and tembam by day. According to my sister, Damia is still on breast feeding. No wonder she's quickly catching up with her cousin, Danish Wafri in terms of weights. The boy has stopped breast feeding.

According to the father, she remains steadfast to her hobby, which is sleeping and not crying a lot unless when she's hungry or wets her diaper.

While Wafri is under the care of Mak, Batrisya is under the care of her paternal grandmother. Mak is too overwhelmed with Elisya and Wafri. If not, I'm she won't let go the opportunity to look after her first granddaughter.

Happy 3-months old Damia Batrisya. Please continue to be an obidient and loved daughter/niece. Muuuaaahhh!

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