Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Which reception? Tapah or KL?

Adibah is getting married. Adibah who? The girl who conquered Imje Peak.

I like her wedding card and according to her, it's only 80 sen per card. Not one, but the card contains three picture of the lovely couple.

Adibah is from Tapah, but the bridegroom is from Kuala Lumpur, if I'm not mistaken.

I'm not sure whether I could go to her wedding. The reception in Kuala Lumpur is clashed with the wedding of my aunt, which will be held on 30 May 2010 in Melaka. If Harizal is going to the one in Tapah, insya-Allah, will follow him. Itu pun kalau Harizal pergi lah... Pergilah Harizal, pergilah...
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