Monday, 1 June 2015

My long lost friend

A friend sent these two pictures to one of my alumni Telegram groups. Ya Rabbi Ya Rasul, only Allah know how excited I was every time I heard or met of long lost friends.

This friend of mine that I got to know in 1990, when he got selected for MHS' football sponsorship scheme. He's from Masjid Tanah, Melaka.

I like chatty people, and Norizan Isfak Ahmad was one of those friends that I ran to if I need a pair of listening ears.

After SRP, I moved to a boarding school in Johor and I got to know he left MHS too. Since then, I heard nothing from him.

Old friends bring back memories and I treasure all of my memories, be it sweet or bitter. I'm not a person who regrets things that I did in the past, but actually I did regret of not writing diaries during my school days. How I envy my friend, Rezuan who had that habit since at young age. How I wish I could flip through those pages, to refresh me of the colourful life I had during my student life.
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