Friday, 21 November 2014

AirAsia ASEAN Pass

To all my friends, AirAsia has announced yesterday its new product called ASEAN Pass. It allows the pass holders to fly up to 10 times within 30 day to any of AirAsia routes within the 10 ASEAN countries for a flat price of RM500, excluding airport taxes and charges.

According "Abang Tony", the ASEAN Pass will be available starting from 15 January 2015. One of the conditions is no repeats. Well, AirAsia needs to elaborate on this. My understanding is if one flies from klia2 to Bangkok (1 out of 10) and flies back to klia (2 out 10), he or she cannot fly to Bangkok again in order to utilise his or her balance of up to 8 flights. 

Why I used "up to" is because each eligible route will be valued in the range of  1 credit and 8 credits. A 30-day pass comes with a value of 10 credits. If the first flight costs you 8 credits, you will be left with 2 more credits 😋

I'm sure my friends Aidie and Eja as well as my cousin Ojot will find this new product of AirAsia, irresistable!

Hopefully, this innovation will spark more innovative products from other airlines serving ASEAN countries.

The picture is taken from The Borneo Post.
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