Sunday, 3 August 2014

Iklan Raya 2014

My top 5 Aidilfitri commercials for 2014 are as follows:

At no. 5 is the commercial (iklan) made by RTM titled Ini Baru Raya.
Watch it at and share with me what you think of this iklan.
Why I like it?
It highlights the key activities that we used (some still do these things!) during the Aidilfitri eve. I like the concept and overall theme, just that the execution part could be done better :)

At no. 4 is TVALHIJRAH's Kemuliaan Syawal, which you guys could view it at to see it yourself.
Why I like it?
It has a good story line with beautiful cinematography and good acting. The minus point is it's a bit dragging.

No. 3 is the iklan by TM titled Adik,
Why I like it?
It's funny and creative too!

At no. 2 is Atuk [] by Nissan.
Why I like it?
Raya and sentimental value cannot be apart. It has all sort of feelings. Some might argue that it lacks originality.

And this year's winner is Senantiasa Bersamamu,
by TNB.
Why I like it?
I just like it. Period.
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