Thursday, 23 January 2014

For DFE :)

Dear colleagues and friends,

As I am entering my final days of working in the Bank, I must express my deepest appreciation to every single one of you for adding colour to my life. I am extremely fortunate to have started my career in DFE. The experiences that I've gained here, I will always cherish.

I have written something to share how I feel about each one of you. I hope you know that you are all unique individuals who have touched me, in many ways.

Encik Kamari's leadership is really fantastic,
Add Kameel and Kamisah, purely dynamic,
DFE has been known to work like magic.

Andrew and Sam, are men so driven and smart,
Chua is wise, always willing to impart,
Aida and Suraya really speak from their hearts.

Zana and Wan, both sound a little British,
Liza M and Liza K, are poised, absolutely stylish,
Azah, well, she’s athletic from start to finish.

Suriati and Farah are both gentle as a feather,
Fendi and Din have very infectious laughter,
Will Azhar remain the most eligible bachelor?

Myn and Haron write poetry so beautiful,
Raizon and Khalida, both sweet and youthful,
May Yeow, a friend so sincere, always truthful.

Haniff and Razak are the perfect gentlemen,
Norezan’s always ready to lend a helping hand,
Juita and Sher give great advice, again and again.

Eita and Aishah, are kind and approachable,
Syaiful and Erwan, so friendly, ever sociable,
Tim and Rina, both petite, simply adorable.

Linda and Zila, are full of life, bright and sunny,
Ayud and Mun, are strong, physically and mentally,
Zarina is open and generous, never stingy.

Asram and Aziz, so amusing, they entertain,
Azreena and Asfa have beauty and brains,
Laila, her passion burns, fiery flames.

Azmi and Azwan, are smooth, oh so charming,
Che Rahimah is experienced, always sharing,
Zai and Maimun, exude warmth, they are caring.

Shahrul, plays the guitar, he puts on a show,
Khai and FarrahDi, their energy makes them glow,
Thomas and Jun, they’re awesome, everyone knows.

How do I even start to say goodbye?
I might even start to cry,
DFE has been great, I cannot deny.

I hope you know how special you are,
You continue to inspire, and push the bar,
To me, you are all bright shining stars.

Your fighting spirits, are beyond contest,
I would like to wish you all, the very best,
To have been part of DFE, I am truly blessed.

Love, Bev.

PS: I can still be contacted. :)
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