Sunday, 26 May 2013

I'm an uncle again!!!

We received a call early in the morning, from my beloved youngest sister.

"My water broke!"

"Go, go now!" That's the only thing that I could offer her. Oklah, pakcik pun tak pernah mengandungkan!

Then, my mother and I rushed the hospital.

"Tak sakit lagi, mak" said my sister handing over something to my mother when she walked slowly out from the labour room.

My mother decided not to go to Thaqif's wedding in Skudai. At the end, I went to the wedding with my father, my two brothers and my aunt.

My TitaPlus definitely cannot fit 5 people for a long distance journey! 

At 11.15 am, I received a call from my brother in-law to inform that my beloved sister had safely delivered a healthy baby girl. She weighed 3.2kg, if I'm not mistaken, the heaviest amongst my anak buahs.

Tahniah Niza and Fauzi. I pray this beautiful princess will grow up to become the proud of her parents, family and Islam.

The proud parents have yet to name her, but I heard a couple of names from their conversation and I must say "Izzah" and "Sofiyyah" sounds beautiful.

Once again, congratulations to Niza and Fauzi for the arrival of their first and beautiful baby girl.

Alhamdulillah, I'm an uncle again for two consecutive months! I guess she's too eager to meet her uncle, 17 days earlier from the scheduled due date :)
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